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Amazing Grace

Dear City Calvary,

As I shared on Sunday, I’m excited to start our next study through a book, actually two books, followed by a third.  On September 11th, we will begin our study of Ezra and Zechariah – about rebuilding.  This will followed up by Nehemiah.  I’m really looking forward to continuing our journey in the Old Testament and focus on a topic that needs to be important to CCC – returning, rebuilding, renewing.  

Until then, we are looking at the subject of “Amazing Grace”.  Last week, we started out with the topic – “Amazing Grace – It’s Good For Nothing”.  Jesus said “Apart from Me, you can do nothing” (John 15:5).  What we need, more than power, wisdom, knowledge, ability, possession and everything else in the universe, is Jesus.  Without Him, we are nothing and it’s when we realize this that we understand that He relates to us by grace – His amazing, beautiful, loving, and wonderful grace.   

 This Sunday, the message is “Amazing Grace – It’s Free But It’s Not Cheap”.  What does it mean that we are saved by grace and it is a free gift?  What does it mean to the One who paid for that free gift – Jesus?  This is an important topic because, in modern day “Christianity”, there is much confusion and misunderstanding.  If Jesus is the one who gives it, then we need to understand to whom, how, and why He gives it.  Be sure to invite a friend.

Blessings in Jesus,

Pastor John

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